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Support a player, support your club

The Manly Wolves are offering up a new type of sponsorship opportunity - our Player & Community Sponsors.


It is an easy yet impactful way for local businesses to support the Club, by aligning themselves with a particular player of their choice.

Created to celebrate the generous network of businesses we have within our sporting community it's a way for them to connect themselves directly with the Club throughout the entire season.

Player Sponsorship - valuable help from supporters

The cost of a player’s sponsorship this year is $750.
This covers the players fees of $500 and makes a small contribution to the club.


In return, you will be recognised on the club website player sponsorship page and receive a FREE Howlers membership, entitling you to discounted beverages and food prices in the canteen on game days.


Anyone interested can contact:
Andrew Varasdi @ [email protected] 
Leanne Warwick @ [email protected]

We will send you a tax-deductible link for part of your payment (it needs to be paid through the ASF for tax deductability purposes) and provide you with all the relevant player information.

With the growing costs of running the club, this is a great way for supporters and businesses to help out both our players and the club.

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