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The Wolves' Purpose, Motto and Mission


 "To Unite and Strengthen Our Northern Beaches Community through our love of AFL."

 Our Motto



“For the Strength of the Wolf is in the pack and the strength of the pack is with each individual Wolf”

Our Mission

Our Community: We unite our members, volunteers,  families, fans and local community though our community values, our unrivalled loyalty to each other, our passion for AFL and our love of our home, the Northern Beaches of Sydney. All are embraced as members of our Wolf pack.

Our Players: We are a Club that understands that any great and sustainable pack needs individuals with differing abilities and aspirations and of different genders. We are committed to attracting, developing, retaining and championing all players who are passionate about AFL. For those elite players aspiring to play at the highest level, we will be the destination pathway  club providing exceptional coaching, facilities, training and support. For those wanting to play with their mates and having a kick on a Saturday and for those who are committed club people, we will train you,  support you, cheer for you and have fun with you on and off the footy ground.

Our Coaches and Administrators:  We are the AFL Club of first choice for coaches and administrators, and are unified in our commitment to excellence, professionalism, inclusiveness and opportunities for professional growth.  We exist to lead our Wolfpack to individual, team and Club success on and off the ground. 

Our Junior Clubs: We respect and appreciate the time,  energy, effort, enthusiasm and quest for excellence that our Junior Clubs, the Pittwater Tigers, Balgowlah Suns, Forest Lions and Manly Bombers put in to develop and support their players, community and AFL on the Northern Beaches. Those junior Cubs are essential to the growth and sustainability  of Our Wolf Pack and we play to inspire and support them.

Our sponsors, partners and government stakeholders: Our Club is known for our strong community ties and high level of  engagement. We provide our sponsors and partners with exceptional business and networking opportunities across the Northern Beaches.

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