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1. Introduction


The privacy of any individual reasonably connected to Australian Football is fundamentally important to the Manly Warringah Wolves Australian Football MWWAFC (“The MWWAFC”) and to the Members of the MWWAFC. The maintenance of privacy is a responsibility of the MWWAFC and certain minimum privacy safeguards should be implemented.  This Privacy Policy provides information about the personal information that may be collected by the MWWAFC and the ways in which that personal information may be used.


2. Privacy Policy


The MWWAFC is subject to the Commonwealth Privacy Act, including the National Privacy Principles.

The MWWAFC may vary this policy from time to time, including without notice to the individuals about whom they hold private information. All information received in connection with an Australian Football product or service, or in the conduct of the MWWAFC’s business, should be treated seriously, having regard to legal obligations.


3. Information Collected During the course of business


The MWWAFC may collect personal information including without limitation, the following:


• Name, postal/email address, gender, occupation, contact information relationship with junior MWWAFCs and favourite AFL MWWAFC.

• Information about dealings with Australian Football Bodies, including membership history, subscriptions for Australian Football Bodies’ services and Australian Football Bodies’ products ordered or purchased.

• An IP address, geolocation and credit card information.

• Information derived from the use of “cookies”.


NOTE: A cookie is a small text file that the Wolves may place on an individual’s computer. Usually, cookies are used as a means for a website to remember an individual’s preferences and are thus designed to improve experience. Cookies may collect and store personal information about an individual. The Football Bodies treat personal information that maybe obtained through cookies and any other information supplied in accordance with this privacy policy. (Personal Information) By providing the MWWAFC with Personal Information, an individual consents to that information being collected, used, disclosed and stored in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If an individual does not give Personal Information to the MWWAFC, it may affect the ability of the MWWAFC to provide the individual with products and/or services.


4. Information from Third Parties During the course of business


The MWWAFC may collect Personal Information that is given to them by a third party (for example, a corporate partner or information that is on a publicly maintained record).  This information forms part of the Personal Information.

The third parties that provide the MWWAFC with the Personal Information may be related or unrelated to the MWWAFC and may provide that information intentionally or unintentionally.  The MWWAFC should not intentionally solicit Personal Information that is unintentionally disclosed.


5. Storage of Personal Information


Wherever reasonably practicable, the MWWAFC should store Personal Information on data servers that are owned and controlled by the MWWAFC and are located within the geographical borders of Australia.  However, by providing the MWWAFC with Personal Information, an individual consents to their information being stored on a data server that is owned by a third party that may be located outside Australia.


6. Use & Disclosure of Personal Information


The MWWAFC uses Personal Information for the purposes for which it was collected and related purposes, including without limitation, to:


• Provide products and services to the individual, to manage and account for the products and services, and to improve the products and services.


• Manage their relationship(s) with the individual.


• Provide the individual with information about events, products and/or services that may interest the individual.


• Facilitate the internal business operations of the MWWAFC.


• Promote and market the MWWAFC’s events, products or services to the individual.


• Enable the corporate partners and sponsors of the MWWAFC, including the AFL’s digital rights partner, as well as related bodies, to market and promote their products and services to the individual.


The MWWAFC may disclose Personal Information for the purposes listed above and also if required by law as permitted under the National Privacy Principles.

7. Information Security


The MWWAFC should take reasonable steps to protect all Personal Information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. The MWWAFC should take reasonable steps to hold information securely in electronic or physical form.  The MWWAFC should store Personal Information in access controlled premises or in electronic databases requiring logins and passwords.  Where reasonably practicable, individuals with access to confidential information held by the MWWAFC are subject to confidentiality obligations.


8. Access & Correction


An individual may request access at any time to Personal Information held by the Wolves.  The MWWAFC may charge a fee where access is provided.  The MWWAFC may refuse to provide access if permitted to do so by law.


9. No Liability to the maximum extent permissible by law


The MWWAFC expressly disclaims any liability for a breach of this Policy.  By providing the MWWAFC with Personal Information, an individual acknowledges that any damage caused to that individual or any other individual by the disclosure of that information shall be limited to the amount recoverable under applicable legislation and otherwise not be recoverable from the MWWAFC.


10. Misuse of Personal Information


In the event that the MWWAFC determines that a Member has, or may have, used or disclosed Personal Information other than in accordance with this Policy (Misuse of Personal Information), the matter may be referred to an investigator in accordance with the National Complaint and Investigation Guidelines (if applicable) or to a disciplinary tribunal constituted in accordance with the National Disciplinary Tribunal Guidelines (if applicable).