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Register to play in 2024 

We’re excited to already be planning for the 2024 season and can announce that registrations open 1 November.

The registration fees for the 2024 season are: 

Early Bird until end December 2023
$320 + $50 equipment fee Underaged players Male (U19.5) and Female (U20) -

$420 + $50 equipment fee Senior Players Male and Female

1 January 2024 onwards
$400 + $50 equipment fee Underaged players Male (U19.5) and Female (U20) -
$500 + $50 equipment fee Senior Players Male and Female


Playing Guernsey is loaned and must be returned after last season game

As in previous years, you can use an Active Kids voucher for your registration and this should be applied on the payment page.  You will not be able to apply the voucher retrospectively. Active Kids vouchers need to be applied for through Services NSW prior to registering your player/s. 

You can register as a player/s for the 2024 season by clicking on THIS LINK 
and then clicking on the Get Started icon at the bottom of the page.  Please make sure that you log into your PlayHQ account before attempting to register your player/s. 

If you have any family or friends who are brand new to the sport and looking to join the Club, they can also register using the above registration links.  They will need to create a PlayHQ profile for their player to be able to register.


Please note that if you are looking to transfer to Manly, the transfer period opens 1 February so you will need to wait until after that date to start your transfer and complete your registration process. 

Note: Registration will pause mid registration to allow previous club and Leagues to release player and to allow Sydney AFL to approve transfer. This process usually takes a few days to occasionally a week or two.

When all parties have approved the transfer you will receive a email to complete your registration. Players cannot play until transfer and registration has been completed.

We cannot wait for the 2024 AFL season to get started and urge you to register as soon as possible to assist us in managing our numbers.

If any Registrations Issues contact Scott 0414423906  [email protected] 

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