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Player Memberships Payment Policy

The Wolves Committee wishes to support as many players as possible to register with the Club.

It understands that a one off registration fee can be onerous for some, so it has this year decided to offer players two payment options.

Please note that under the AFL rules, unless a player is fully registered (ie they have fully paid their registration fees), they are ineligible to play.

The Registration fees for the 2024 season are:

(a) Seniors - $550 (-$80 for early bird / $470)

(b) Under19s/20s - $450 (-$80 for early bird / $370)

Registration is available through the club’s website.

1. Upfront Payment Option:
Players have the option to pay their membership fees in full via PlayHQ upon registration.
An early payment discount will be applied to those who choose this option before 31 December 2023. 

Registration is considered complete once the upfront payment is received.

2. Instalment Payment Option:


The Club is trialling an instalment payment opon whereby players can opt for an instalment plan,
dividing the full 2024 membership fees into:

       (a) a deposit of $100; and

       (b) three equal payments of $150 (for seniors) and $115 (for underage players) which will be
          deducted from their nominated bank account on the 15th of the month.

The deposit of $100 (if eligible, Service NSW vouchers can be used for part this amount) is required
upon registraon to secure registraon, and subsequent payments will be due over the following
three months (ie January, February, March). 

For those who elect the instalment payment option the Registration Process is as follows:


  • To initiate registration, players must download a debit form from the club official website.

  • The form must be completed, signed, and returned to the Club Treasurer via [email protected].

  • The Club Registrar will then issue a payment code that the player can complete the registration and pay deposit through PlayHQ

Only registrations accompanied by a completed debit form will be considered valid and will only be considered complete after the final instalment is received.
Players must be aware that if there are insufficient funds their account, it is their responsibility to get in touch with the club and finalise the total outstanding amount (including any bank penalties if imposed on the club). 
The club may at its discretion suspend registration until this amount has been finalised.
This Instalment option will only be available until 1 
April 2024.

Other Items

1. Eligibility to Play:
Due to Insurance and AFL rules, players are ineligible to participate AFL Sydney games until their registration is completed through one of the two payment methods.
2. Hardship Policy
Players encountering difficulties or requiring assistance should contact the club Vice President to ascertain how they may be able to utilise the club’s hardship assistance policy.
3. Amendments to the Policy:
The club reserves the right to make changes to this payment policy as needed.
Any amendments will be communicated to players in a timely manner.
4. Acknowledgment
By registering, players acknowledge understanding and acceptance of this membership payment

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